Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul is a weekly interactive learning experience for adults, designed to stimulate the mind and stir the soul. Complimenting the food for thought, Raizy's delicious homemade chicken soup is served.
The lively discussion and practical Torah insight, is tailor made to address some thought provoking questions many of Jackson's Jews wrestle with. The primary goal of each weeks class is to answer one of the three following questions:

  1. What does the Torah and the Jewish holidays have to do with me, in the 21st century? Is there any relevant spirituality inherent in the Torahs age old wisdom?
  2. Why Jewish rituals? Wake up and smell the coffee, the middle ages are long gone! What value is there in dogmatic rituals and custom?
  3. Is Torah wisdom, wise? Can an intelligent Jew find Torah to be mentally stimulating, informative, challenging, invigorating, intriguing and inviting?

The group gathers at a private home or office, every Wednesday at 7 PM. For more information or to RSVP, call us at 307-462-0847 or email [email protected]. Looking forward to greeting you!